The Facts and Truth About Christmas

  1. Christmas, the celebrated birthday of Jesus Christ, was incorporated into the Church in the 4th century. Prior to that time, December 25th was a day set aside for pagan worship. By the 5th century, the Roman Catholic Church ordered that the birth of Christ be celebrated on December 25th.
  2. December 25th was the same date of the Roman Feast of the birth of Sol, the sun god. Sol is also known as Nimrod the son and husband to the Semiramis. (Ezekiel 8:14)
  3. December 25th is also a time to celebrate Tammuz (the reincarnated Nimrod). In Ezekiel 8:4, the prophet spoke of how the people turned their backs to the temple of the Lord’s house, prayed toward the east (sun god) and worshipped Tammuz.
  4. The Lord tells us to commemorate his death through the Lord’s Supper (until He returns). Nowhere does the Lord tell us to celebrate His birth. I Corinthians 11 :26
  5. Christmas is a name incorporated by the Roman Church. It stands for Christ Mass. The Roman Church instituted the celebration of Christ Mass on December 25th, the same date as the idol god’s celebration. The pagan worship was already present when the Body of Christ joined itself to it. I Corinthians 11 :26.
  6. The custom of giving gifts was adopted from the acts of St. Nicholas who lived in the 4th century. His legend spread throughout Europe. A Christian figure of St. Nicholas was created, bringing the pagan gift-giving act into the body of Christ. The pagan feast and the Christian Holiday became one.
  7. The Christmas tree represents the body of Nimrod and is considered an idol. Jeremiah mentioned the decorating of the fir tree. Jeremiah 10: 1-4.
  8. Jesus was not born in the wintertime. Luke 2:8.
  9. There are more suicides in December than any other month.
  10. There are more deaths in December than any other month.
  11. Americans pile up more consumer debt in December than any other month.
  12. More persons battle depression in December than any other month.
  13. Jesus is not the reason for this season!
  14. Pastor, what difference does it make? Why are you so picky? We are simply celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

Christmas is a celebration of disobedience to God! Furthermore, you cannot speak into reality that which God has not ordained. If a concept, idea or plan is not in God’s mind, all of our intentions, practices and speeches are not going to change the reality.

Christ over culture!

Everything you always
wanted to know
about Christmas,
but were afraid to ask.

Xmas Facts

  • You can’t keep Christ in Christmas, because He was never there! FYI: Jesus celebrated Hanukkah old-school menorah, no gifts (John 10: 22-23)
  • Xmas has pagan roots and combines mid-winter celebrations from a variety of sources, including Norse, Druid (xmas tree), and Roman mythologies (1 Corinthians 10:14)The earliest church did NOT celebrate Jesus birth. Pope Julias I declared December 25 as the “Day of Nativity” ca. 350 AD. He chose this date in a misguided attempt to “baptize” the popular pagan festival of “Saturnalia/Sol Invictus,” (the “birth of the unconquerable sun.”)
  • Jesus was not born in the winter. Shepherds don’t herd sheep in the winter. (Luke 2:8) FYI:  The Bible does not tell us how many Magi there were, and they did NOT show up at the manger. (Matthew 2:1, 7, 16)
  • St. Nicholas, while a good Christian man (270 – 343 AD), is the victim of identity theft. His life has been distorted and twisted into “Santa Clause” in order to endorse materialism and consumerism. Thank you Coca-Cola!
  • Christmas was not endorsed nor celebrated by many Christian American settlers. It was not an official US holiday until 1870.

Jesus is NOT the reason for the season!

The Human Cost of Xmas

There is no Biblical
reason to celebrate
Jesus’ birth.


There is a substantial
rise in the rates of
depression, suicide,
and death.

Depression &

More people go into
debt to buy gifts they
can’t afford, thus
reinforcing materialism
and decreasing personal


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