Back to the Future

Acts 2:40-47

Introduction: Series: Lights, Camera, Action!  Being the church of Acts.

The next four sermons are designed to remind us of and revive us in the power of the early church.

12 Characteristics of a Lights, Camera, Action Church.

What is a characteristic?  A feature or quality belonging typically to a person, place or thing and serves to identify it.

What is character?  The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

What’s in the bread SHOULD BE in the crumbs!!

  1. Devoted to scripture Acts 2:42
  2. Devoted to fellowship Acts 2: 42
  3. Devoted to eating together Acts 2:42

We must have circles and rows!!!

  1. Devoted to prayer Acts 2:42

All of these are the Apostles Doctrine: Matthew 28: 20.  Teaching them the things I taught you.

  1. Demonstrated Awe Acts 2:43
  2. Demonstrated Agreement Acta 2:44
  3. Demonstrated Generosity Acts 2:45
  4. Demonstrated People Winning Acts 2:46
  5. Demonstrated Joy Acts 2: 46
  6. Demonstrated Worship Acts 2: 47
  7. Demonstrated Good Reputation Acts 2: 47
  8. Demonstrated God’s Reproduction Acts 2:47

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