Perspective Matters!

John 20:1-18


HAPPY 2021!

In 2008, Columbia Pictures released the box office thriller Vantage Point starring Dennis Quaid as Thomas Barnes, an Anglo, male Secret Service Agent; Forrest Whitaker as Howard Lewis, an African American, male spectator; Zoe Saldana as Angie Jones, an African American, female news reporter; Sigourney Weaver as Rex Brooks, an Anglo, female news station producer, and others.  The movie’s plot centers on the assassination of William Hurt as fictitious U.S. President Ashton, an Anglo male in Spain, while speaking at a politically charged global summit concerning the war on terror, nuclear weapons escalation, international unrest, and the prospects of peace talks.  Moments after President Ashton takes the podium, gunfire rings out, sending onlookers, protesters, and federal agents into mass pandemonium.  Jones, who is reporting live from the summit, frantically exclaims, “The President of the United States has been shot!”  The movie’s plot advances as the audience views the same event through the lenses of various characters.

Isn’t it amazing that people can watch, hear, receive the same information, yet arrive at thousands and thousands of different conclusions and opinions?  This is called perspective!  2020 was a year we won’t soon forget, and our perspective on it and life will determine our attitudes and aptitudes!  People with negative mindsets and perspectives often “act out” those mindsets.  The opposite is usually the case as well.  This is precisely why Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinks in his (or her) heart, so is he (she).”  Tonight’s teaching presentation focuses on the importance of seeing life through God’s eyes.  While we certainly must live life on life’s terms, it’s even more critical for us to understand that “Perspective Matters!”

II. THE OTHER!                                      
  1. The other disciple outran Peter, but stopped short!          Ecclesiastes 9:11
  2. Vantage point only allowed him to see linen clothes         5
  3. Zeal for God is only the starter gun!                                      Romans 10:2
III. THE ONE!                                     
  1. Peter was outrun but crossed the finish line first!              1 Corinthians 9:24
  2. Peter saw more than the other disciple!                                6-7
  3. Experience adds to credibility!                                                Matthew 16:15-18; Acts 2:32-33
IV. THE OUTCAST!                                          
  1. Darkness impacts our perspective!                                        Mark 8:22-25
  2. Demonic forces want to destroy us!                                        Luke 8:2; John 10:10
  3. We can still see God through our tears!                                  11-12
V. THE OVERCOMER!                                    
  1. Don’t mistake God for a gardener!                                           15
  2. Jesus knows our names!                                                            16; Isaiah 43:1
  3. We overcome because Jesus overcame!                                  Revelation 12:11; Romans 8:37-39

The one thing that’s true about perspectives is they’re our own!  We often spend enormous amounts of time convincing people to see things our way!  The question remains, “Is your perspective worth considering?”  Do you selectively choose what you want to see and hear, or do you consider the totality of the circumstances before developing your perspective?  In today’s sermon, we reviewed the same scene from four different vantage points!  I submit that while our perspectives are important, God’s perspective is perfect, making it the best!  Learn to view life through Heavenly, Spirit-filled lenses!

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