Psalm 1


Psalm 1 provides believers with a very simple and straightforward Biblical model for living a joyful life. The psalmist states plainly but powerfully: a believer’s genuine joy and happiness are an absolute function of two decisions: 1) the persons who you choose to have in your life; and 2) whether you operate in God’s principles.  In other words, Psalm 1 suggests that your joy or happiness can be a function of what you choose to do, not who you are, not what you own, and not where you are in your season of life.  It’s your choice!

In fact, “blessed” or “happy” in Psalm 1, verse 1 comes from the Hebrew word “̛ašrȇ,” not “bārȗk.”  ̛Ašrȇ suggests that God is not blessing the reader, as the word bārȗk does.  Instead, ̛ašrȇ means the reader can choose a happy life or a blessing by making the right choices. The Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-11 is another example of ̛ašrȇ.  Choose to be blessed!

Today, we will receive God’s model for His happiness in His world for His people.

WATCH YOUR COMPANY.                                                                        1
  1. Do not walk in the counsel of the ungodly.
    1. Ungodly represents those who do not believe in God; those who are guilty before God because of their lack of trust in Him.
    2. These persons can be members of the Church, but they are still ungodly.
    3. “Walk with the ungodly” is an idiom which refers to how you live.
Do not stand in the way of sinners.
  1. Sinners represent those who ignorantly or intentionally disobey God.
  2. Stand implies you “halt” or remain in the lifestyle of disobedience.
  3. These persons choose their (own) understanding over God’s wisdom.
Do not sit in the seat of the scornful.
  1. Scorners represent persons who make what is good and holy the object of their ridicule.
  2. The persons are set in their mindsets as the term “seat” indicates.
  3. These persons hate reproof and shun instruction.  Proverbs 13:1, 15:12
  1. When you “walk,” “stand” and “sit” with the unrighteous, you will be in a circle of fools. On the other hand, when you do NOT “walk,” “stand” or “sit,” you choose to live a joyful life, a life of “abundant well-being.”   Proverbs 3:2
  2. Beware of the wicked.
    1. Ungodly           walks             counsel
    2. Sinners            stands            way
    3. Scorners          sits                  seat
  1. YAHWEH’s Torah gives direction for full and fruitful living.
  2. You are attuned to The Lord’s instructions and guidance.
  3. You acknowledge The Lord in all ways, and you do not lean on your understanding. Proverbs 3:5, 6
  1. You enjoy hearing and following The Lord’s teachings and principles.
  1. Meditate means to mutter to yourself.
  2. Traditionally, the act of speaking God’s Word is comparable to reading God’s Word.
  3. The meditation includes self-exhorting, self-encouraging and self-rebuking.
  4. Meditation begins with the memorization of God’s Word.
BE LIKE A TREE. 3; I Corinthians   3:6; Galatians 5:22-23
  1. The simile of the tree represents a fruitful life.
  2. As the water provides nourishment to the tree, so God’s Word provides nourishment to you, regardless of the heat intensity.    3a
  3. Your water shall be as plentiful as the rivers in Genesis 2:10-20!
  4. You will produce fruit in your season!  3b
  5. You, like the tree, will not only live but you will flourish as well! 3c
  6. In Hebrew, the text actually states that the tree was replanted, not planted. You, like the tree, will be repositioned for maximum fruitfulness!
 EXPECT TO PROSPER.   3c; Joshua 1:7, 8
  1. Once you are on God’s people pathway for your life and you are rooted in His Word, your foundation for flourishing is fixed.
  2. God wants to empower you to carry through to a successful result.
  3. This verse does not promise unlimited successes to everyone. The context itself restricts the application to those who follow verses 1 and 2.

Source: A Commentary on Psalms by Allen P. Ross

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