Happy Mother’s Day!


I Samuel 1:5-18


Happy Mother’s Day, once again, to all biological mothers and all women who have served and are serving in the role of motherhood!  We love you, and thank God for you!

In 1978, a timeless and powerful poem was published by Dr. Maya Angelou: Still I Rise.  The familiarity of the poem is exceeded only by our need to thoroughly digest its meaning, particularly in times like these.  Mothers, regardless of the challenges around you, the temptations within you, the failures behind you or the uncertainties before you, YOU WILL RISE!  You will rise for a lot of reasons, including “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”  (I John 4:4)  Amen!

Additionally, you will rise because you will: 1) flex your foes;  2) fix your fortitude; 3) fortify your favor; and 4) form your future.  Hannah, the mother of Samuel, will show us how to rise and why we should.  As you will see, Hannah is a “master riser.”  (Declare this to yourself: I am a “master riser”!)   Hannah rose (v. 6) despite the odds.  You can, too  and you will!

II. FLEX YOUR FOES.                          vv. 5, 6, 7; Job 14:19; Matthew 27:14
  1. Flex your foes; do not let your foes flex you.
  2. Hannah was the first wife of Elkanah. Elkanah brought in a second wife, Peninnah, because Hannah was barren.  We know Hannah was the first wife because Peninnah was Hannah’s rival.
  3. Hannah was defeated, despondent and discouraged.
  5. Hannah never mentioned her foe’s name! She does not talk to her later!  Matthew 27:14
  6. Love yourself more than your worst enemy hates!
III. FIX YOUR FORTITUDE.              vv. 5, 6, 9, 11, 17
  1. Hannah makes a Vow.
    1. Hannah believed God closed her womb. Now, Hannah has the fortitude to ask the same Lord to open her womb.
    2. Hannah asked The Lord for a new gift!
    3. Hannah offered her son’s entire life to God. That was her vow.
    4. Today’s “no” may be tomorrow’s “yes.”  Do not deny yourself!
  2. Hannah makes her self-Vindication.
    1. Hannah prayed so hard, Eli, the priest, thought she was drunk.
    2. Hannah was not drunk; she was desperate.
    3. Protect your reputation. It can take years to build and only minutes to kill.
  3. Hannah receives her Victory.
    1. Hannah believed the priest in spite of her current reality.  II Chronicles 20:20
    2. Hannah took the word and ran with it!
    3. Take The Word and let it rise in you!
IV. FORTIFY YOUR FAVOR! (Hannah means “favor”)            v. 18
  1. God remembered Hannah. When God remembers you, you are favored!      v. 19
  2. God remained with Hannah, and Hannah conceived. When God remains with you, you are favored!    v. 20
  3. God received the sacrifice of Elkanah’s entire house. When God receives your sacrifice, you are favored!   v. 21
  4. God’s favor protects you from the riff-raff, produces results and perfects you for your race.
V. FORM YOUR FUTURE!                              I SAMUEL 2:1
  1. Your words help shape your world.
  2. Command your whole being (your heart) to rejoice in The Giver, not His gifts.
  3. Your strength (your horn) is raised in Christ, not your circumstances.
  4. Failure and frustration may have silenced you then, but you can speak boldly now!

The Lord has delivered!


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