There is an invisible world.  For instance, you have thoughts, but you cannot see your thoughts.  You have feelings, but you cannot see your feelings.  You have beliefs, but you cannot see your beliefs.  Apostle Paul suggests the invisible realm controls the visible realm. (2 Corinthians 4:18)  In other words, thoughts, feelings or beliefs come before they manifest themselves.  Stated otherwise, the second dimension, the invisible realm, influences the first dimension, the visible realm.

Just as there are visible battles in the visible realm,  there are invisible conflicts or battles in the invisible realm.   Some persons refer to these invisible conflicts in the invisible realm as  spiritual warfare.

Spiritual warfare: fighting against the work of preternatural evil forces.  This concept is based on the belief that evil spirits or demons interfere in human affairs in various ways.

Today, we will see what some of those conflicts look like in the 21st century and how to be victorious.

ATTACKS FROM FOLK — Job 1:17                                     
    1. Satan used the Chaldeans to steal Job’s assets.
    2. Everybody has a reputation. The Chaldeans had one.  What is yours?
    3. Satan uses folk who can easily and effortlessly devalue your life.
    1. The enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy.   John 10:10
    2. Generational illnesses or incessant illnesses are signs of warfare.
    3. God does not authorize pits.   Daniel 6
    1. Unrelenting despair and overwhelming fear are signs.
    2. Deep fear and darkness can mess up your thinking.
    3. These attacks can create cruel traps.
POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT — Acts 1:8; Romans 8:26
  1. The Holy Spirit provides (you) strength, wisdom and discernment.
  2. The same Power Who got Lazarus up from the dead (John 11:40-44); parted the Red Sea (Exodus 14:21-29); opened prison doors (Acts 16:25, 26); and caused the lame to walk (John 5:1-9) presides over believers.
  3. The Holy Spirit protects your mind from the intended consequences of warfare.
POWER OF PRAYER Ephesians 6:16; James 5:16
    1. Prayer changes things but not God’s mind.
    2. As a believer, you have freedom; but you do not have autonomy.
    3. Prayer grants you access to the plan, purpose and perspective of God.
POWER OF PRAISE II Chronicles 20:22; Psalm 18
    1. Praise hushes the howls from the hell-hounds.
    2. Praise annihilates the attacks from evil angels.
    3. Praise silences the statements from satan.


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