Psalm 27:1


Today’s message is very straightforward and simple: The Lord God Almighty is your  Light, Deliverer and Fortress, period!  Of course, Yahweh (The Lord) is more than that to you; but, today and for the rest of your life, He is at least that!  Obviously, when you expect The Lord to be Who He says He is and do what He says He does (that’s called faith, by the way), you position yourself for miraculous manifestations in your life.  Glory to God!

The purpose of this message is to encourage you – through information, inspiration and aspiration – to “fix your faith” so you can maximize the light, deliverance and protection (strong tower/fortress) The Lord has already died and rose for you to access and activate.

  1. The prayers of the righteous avail much! James 5:16
  2. (Wo)men ought to always pray, and not lose heart. Luke 18:1
  3. When you pray, pray like this… Matthew 6:5
  4. God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.   ~  John Wesley
    1. Why some folk want your issues to remain on their list.
    2. Why some folk want you to remain on their list ̶  unchanged!
    3. Why some folk want to remain on the list.
    4. Why a static prayer list is unscriptural and problematic.
    1. Praise The Lord for what Will be manifested.  It’s anticipated!
    2. Praise The  Lord for what He is doing.  It’s actualized!
    3. Praise The Lord for what He has done. It’s in the annals!
    4. “Keep me and my stuff on the prayer list, but put me on the praise report too!”
    5. Why?  How can you praise Him with integrity?
    1. The:
    2. Lord:
    3. Is:
    4. My:
LIGHT v. 1
    1. The Lord doesn’t simply shine, show or signal light. He is Light!  He is the Source of all light.  We have light only because He provides it.
    2. Believers who are close to The Light know themselves better, including their weaknesses. Folk who are close to The Light do not fight objective criticism from others.   Romans 7:24, 25
    3. The Light is enlightening every dark aspect of your personal and professional life right now!   Psalm 18:28
    4. Be in courage: no darkness can overcome The Light Who is in your life!   John 1:5
    5. You may be in the dark (a season of isolation, frustration or despair) now; but, The Lord will both lift you up and light you up!  Micah 7:8
  1. In the First Testament mindset, there was no dualism regarding their understanding of salvation. There was no distinction between:
    1. material and spiritual;
    2. personal and public; and
    3. present and future.  Isaiah 52:7
  2. The Lord has unconscionable saving capacity.  He can deliver you from any and every circumstance or negative power that prevents full and joyous communion with The Lord and yourself.   Exodus  2:23-25
  3. God may use someone or something, but He, and He alone, is the Source of your deliverance!   Psalm 62:7
    1. The Lord will protect His anointed.  Psalm 28:8
    2. The Lord knows those who (really) trust Him. Therefore, He will protect accordingly!  Nahum 1:7
    3. You can trust The Lord to provide refuge for you.   Psalm 144:2

The Lord blesses us so frequently and plenteously, it is easy for us to miss them. They become undetectable. God’s light, deliverance and protection are some of the most frequent “undetectable blessings.”  This trinity of assumed or “undetectable blessings” should keep your prayer list dynamic, not static. So, be faithful and affirm: “Put me on the praise report too!”

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