“God does nothing but in answer to prayer; and even they who have been converted to God, without praying for it themselves (which is exceedingly rare) were not without the prayer of others.  Every new victory which a soul gains is the effect of a new prayer.”    − John Wesley

  • Prayer is the highest calling above every other calling.
  • Prayer is the voice of faith to God, The Father.
  • Prayer is the Living Word on the lips of the faithful.
  • Prayer is the spiritual capital in heaven by which Christ carries out His great work on earth.

A hearty thanks and congratulations are extended to the history-making Shadow Creek High School 5A “championship” football team, particularly the coaches and players who are helping me present today’s message!  Engaging in effective prayer with God is essential to living a top drawer, first-class life of spiritual quality on earth.  The similarities between a football team’s dynamics during a game and the spiritual dynamics during your life are strikingly illuminating.

When today’s message is over, I pray you will have a clearer understanding of why you should pray.  Hopefully, when you know why you should pray, you will not just pray but pray more fervently.  Your life depends on it.

Why pray at all?

COMMUNE Genesis 2:5-23

  1. Prior to The Fall, there was no need for prayer, no need for it whatsoever.
  2. Since there was no competition (against humanity) or opposition to God, all was consistently shalom.  Man had dominion.
  3. Prayer keeps you in communion with God.

COMMUNICATE  Luke 18:1; Jeremiah 33:3; Matthew 16:16-18; Hebrews 4:16

  1. Once sin was introduced, God’s perfect culture became contaminated.
  2. So, humanity needed to communicate with God – big time!
  3. Prayer activates your communion with God: communication.

 COMPETE  I Thessalonians 2:18; I Corinthians 16:9; Ephesians 6:12, 13

  1. As a believer, you compete against anti-progress forces, satanic sabotage and other ungodly stuff.
  2. Open doors and great opportunities can attract adversaries.
  3. Prayer gives you the plays to run against the enemy’s team.

 WIN! I Corinthians 9:24; Psalm 3:8

  1. In the end, you, as a believer, win, period!  God does not send you His “plays” for the heck of it.  He sends you His “plays” for His glory and your victory.
  2. Pray for illumination and revelation from God.  They lay the foundation and framework for your victory.
  3. Prayer reminds you that you are fighting from victory to victory.

Source: Prayer Moves God by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

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