Exodus 32:7-14


Has the enemy tried to convince you that prayer is a waste of your time?  Prayer is ineffective?  Prayer is not important?  Have you been lulled into a mindset that views prayer as secondary, not primary?  Has your prayer life, if you have one, become routine and ordinary, as evidenced by no breakthroughs, no testimonies and no miracles?  According to Scriptures, a believer is not supposed to experience that type of prayer life.  From this day forward, you shall have a prayer life like Moses!

What did Moses’ prayer life look like?

  1. Deeply entrenched social power changed hands (from the Egyptians to the Hebrews).
  2. The nation of Egypt went bankrupt and the nation of Israel became wealthy on the same night.
YOU CAN CHANGE STUFF!   Jeremiah 27:18
  1. As a praying intercessor, you have the power and authority of God to impact the destiny of the object of your prayer life.
  2. God is always looking for intercessors because His Will cannot be done on Earth without prayer.
  3. Do not underestimate your value as an intercessor! Victory and defeat are in your mouth and in your hands.
  4. As an intercessor, you can swing the destiny of a person, Church, community, or country.
  1. Have a face-to-face relationship with God. Exodus 33:11
  2. Remind God of His Covenant. Exodus 32:13
    1. As an intercessor, you must know the Word and God’s promises.
    2. Lift up God’s Word to Him relentlessly.
  3. Make God say: “Leave Me alone.” Exodus 32:10
    1. “Leave Me alone” literally means that Moses was holding God back!
    2. This reveals the levels of influence and honor that God has for His servants.
  4. Ask God to turn from His wrath. Exodus 32:12
  5. God repented of the evil He had thought about doing to His people! Exodus 32:14

Unfortunately, too many believers undervalue Word-based, intercessory prayer.  As a result, we underutilize intercessory prayer.  Since we underutilize intercessory prayer, chaos and calamities are allowed unnecessarily.  Accordingly, we then blame God for stuff that God did not do.

“It appears God will do nothing unless we pray.”  (John Wesley) God gave us dominion (power and authority) over the Earth.  Genesis 1:26-28  We are supposed to be in charge.  If God were to get directly involved in Earthly activities without our “permission,” then God would be in violation of Himself.  When we pray, we give God “permission” to get involved in Earthly activities.

What will your friends and enemies write about your prayer life when you have left this Earth?

Source: Prayer Moves God by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

February 9, 2019

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