Jeremiah 17:7-8


Today, we consecrate and celebrate all fathers and dads around the world to our Creator!  Unfortunately, Father’s Day is seemingly an afterthought in the wake of Resurrection Sunday and Mother’s Day.  Americans spent a record $25 billion on Mother’s Day for flowers, jewelry, greeting cards, and other gifts according to the National Retail Federation, which is an 8% increase from the $23.1 billion spent a year ago!  Conversely, Fortune reports that Americans will spend a record $15.5 billion on Father’s Day gifts this year.  If this is a Father’s Day spending record, then it still lags far behind Mother’s Day. That means, society has literally placed a price tag on our dads and fatherhood!  But, today we are blowing the whistle because the devil is a liar!

Everything God created was “good!”  But, when it came to humanity, God called us “very good!”  God’s first human creation was a man, who received the first Heavenly down payment into his nostrils:  the ruach (Heb.) creative breath and Spirit of God.  Interestingly, fatherhood did not exist until after humanity’s fall in Eden.  Thus, from Genesis 3 forward, fatherhood has evolved.  Like mothers, fathers wear many hats and fulfill endless roles.  However, no list can accurately describe the value fathers, generally, and dads, particularly, add to our lives!  Any attempted list falls short and is non-exhaustive one at best!  While some characteristics may not universally apply, today’s sermon seeks to identify and ingrain certain realities into the DNA of all blessed Men of Windsor!  Today, and for the rest of your days, accept only what God declares about you!  “Whatta Man” YOU ARE, IN JESUS’ NAME!

ALL MEN OF WINDSOR ARE LEADERS!        Psalm 1:1-3                                         
ALL MEN OF WINDSOR ARE LORDS!                         1 Peter 3:1-7                                        
ALL MEN OF WINDSOR ARE LIGHTS/LIT!             Isaiah 49:5-6 (NLT)                                                   
ALL MEN OF WINDSOR ARE LECTIONARIES!           2 Timothy 2:15                                         
ALL MEN OF WINDSOR ARE LABORERS!   Genesis 2:15; 2 Thessalonians 3:10                       
ALL MEN OF WINDSOR ARE LEVITES!             Deuteronomy 18:1-5                                         
ALL MEN OF WINDSOR ARE LOVERS!     Song of Solomon 5:10-16                                          

The world is going to be a better place because of the dads and fathers!  Women and mothers share an equal and critical piece to this equation.  But, today is for the fellas!  Honor the men, dads, and fathers in your life and remind them of their God-given status:  leaders, lords, lights/lit, lectionaries, laborers, Levites, and lovers!


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