Stress: Eustress vs. Distress!”

Judges 7:1-3


Stress.  Stress.  Stress.  Numerous reports clearly indicate that “temporary normal” dynamics due to COVID-19, the Presidential election and societal inequalities have contributed significantly to Americans’ normal stress levels in 2020.  A few painful personal realities have contributed to some folks’ 2020 stress levels as well.  So, on this last Windsor Village “Church Family Weekend” in 2020, let’s talk about stress.

The Scriptures do not use the term stress, per se.  The Scriptures do, however, use words such as anxiety, worry and fear.  For today’s purposes, the words are practically interchangeable.  So, no need to stress. Normally, stress is viewed as negative or toxic.  Today, though, we will see that stress can actually bless you, and fear can be your friend.  You will definitely see how you can use stress to move you towards The Lord’s desired design for your life. After today’s message, your perception, reception and implementation of stress will be transformed.

II. Stress is a feeling of emotional tension we have in response to an event. 
III.  We respond to stress with either eustress or distress.  You can choose.                                    
IV. Eustress is normal psychological stress which actually motivates you to achieve your goal.  Eustress can be exhilarating!
V. Stick to the Strategy!
VI. Today’s distress can become tomorrow’s deliverance.
VII.  Distress is satan’s strategy.                         Matthew 25: 24, 25

The purpose of this strategy is to disconnect you from: a) The Lord; b) others; and c) yourself.

  1. Distress caused the servant to fear failure, so he failed.
  2. You have not failed until you quit! 


VIII. Distress may knock you down, AND you will rise again.    Proverbs 24:16

A.  Production will be in your hands!
B.  Provision will be in your home!
C.  Peace will be in your head! 

IX. You can develop eustress.    Judges 7:1-3

A.  Know what The Lord has done for you.                                         Judges 6:8, 9
B.  Know The Lord is with you.                                                        Judges 6:14-16
C.  Know your promise from The Lord.                                                 Judges 6:23
D.  Know The Lord prefers “underdogs.”                                              Judges 6:15
E.  Blow your trumpet, even if you are in a stressful situation!      Judges 6:34, 35; 7:1

F. Rearrange the distressful persons around you.                               Judges 6:15

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