“My REAL Name!”

Numbers 6:24-26; Revelation 2:17; 12:10, 11


God blesses us so regularly and routinely, some of the blessings are disguised and ignored. Let’s unearth one: God gives us naming rights.  He let Adam name the animals.  God gives parents the privilege of naming their children.  Names and the process of naming are actually sacrosanct and very special (to God).  If this right is special to God, it should be special to His people as well.

The naming process and names are so significant, your true name will only  be revealed to you by God when you enter eternity.  Revelation 2:17   Today, we, as believers, will get  a glimpse of what our true names are.  There is power and purpose in knowing your true and eternal God-given name right here and now.  Let it be on earth as it is already done in heaven!

Interestingly, when you grasp the power of naming, you understand why the enemy takes delight in calling you by the name he, the enemy, wants for you. Nonetheless, just because he calls does not mean you must answer.

In the face of opposition, evil headwinds, and accusations, what does God say about you and the name He has already given you?

“When someone says something about you, what they say

says more about them than it does about you.”

God Puts HIS Name On You. Numbers 6:27
  1. When the priest put God’s Name on the people, the priest was endowing them with God’s character.
  2. When the priest put His Name on His people, the priest was enduing them with God’s character.
  3. God has put His Name on you!  As a result, His character is in you as well!
Receive Your REAL Name.               I peter 2:9
  1. As followers of Christ, we assume the mantle of the First Testament priests who administered the priestly blessing.  Numbers 6:24-26
  2. It’s your right and responsibility to declare God’s praises and PRONOUNCE God’s blessings!
  3. Fulfill your priestly duty. Declare your real name!
Excellence Is My REAL Name”                   Numbers 6:24-26; mark 14:9
    1. The fourth meaning of the Hebrew word, “barak”: “to speak words of excellence about.”
    2. Well-timed words by Godly people bless you. Barak will buoy your spirit for the rest of your life.
    3. Jesus blessed the woman with His prophetic Words.
“Peace Is My REAL Name”! Numbers 6:24-26; Luke 2:14
    1. The fifth meaning of the Hebrew word, barak: “to make peace.”
    2. The blessing was announced by angels to the shepherds outside Bethlehem.
    3. This peace treaty was signed by the BLOOD of Christ, sealed by the Holy Spirit and delivered by an empty tomb:
      1. The blood is our redemption.              Ephesians 1:7
      2. It is our forgiveness.     Hebrews 9:22
      3. The blood is our confidence.              Hebrews 10:19
      4. It is our purification.   1 John 1:7
      5. The blood is our healing.                     1 Peter 2:24
      6. It is our life.   Hebrews 9:14
Prosperous Is My REAL Name! Numbers 6:24-26; Deuteronomy 8:18
    1. The sixth meaning of the Hebrew word, barak: “to cause to prosper.”
    2. In light of the havoc wreaked by the so-called prosperity gospel, we tend to throw this “baby” out with the bathwater.
    3. God does not bless us financially simply to raise our standard of living. He blesses us financially to raise our standard of giving.    2 Corinthians 9:11
    1. You are  the apple of God’s eye.    Zechariah 2:8
    2. You are the object of God’s affection.                 Deuteronomy 10:15
    3. You are sought after by God.    Isaiah 62:12
    4. You are bragged on by God.   Job 1:8
    5. You have grace and mercy “tracking” you.   Psalm 23:6
    6. You have unfailing faithfulness.    Exodus 15:13
    7. You have unending kindness.  Jeremiah 31:3
    8. You have unrelenting love.                                  Song of Songs 8:6
    9. You  have God rejoicing over you with singing.  Zephaniah 3:17

 Source:  Double Blessing by Mark Batterson

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