Proverbs 31:28-31




Today, we celebrate and consecrate all the mothers around the world to our Creator!  Mothers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors!  After all, not a single human being would be here on earth if it had not been for a woman!  One of the chief tenets of the Christian faith is that we believe in Jesus Christ, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary!  Even as He was dying an ignominious death on the Cross, among Jesus’s dying declarations was, “Behold thy mother!”  One of the Ten Commandments is to “honor your father and mother.”  A mother even preached the first gospel message on Resurrection Sunday!  Thus, if mothers and relationships were important to God, then they should and must be a priority for us!  So, thanks be to God for all the mothers!

Mothers wear many hats and fulfill endless roles.  However, there’s no list that can accurately describe the value women, generally, and mothers, particularly, add to our lives!  Any attempted list will fall short and certainly be a non-exhaustive one at best!  While some of these characteristics may not apply to all women or mothers, today’s sermon seeks to identify and ingrain God’s reality into the DNA of all the blessed Women of Windsor!  Today, and for the rest of your days, accept only what God declares about you!  God does not create junk!  Everything God made was “good,” and when it came to humanity, He called us “very good!”  As the Creator of all creation, God says of our women and mothers, “Isn’t She Lovely!”


ALL WOMEN OF WINDSOR ARE BELIEVERS!                  Luke 1:42-45                           


ALL WOMEN OF WINDSOR ARE BLESSED!                    Proverbs 31:28


ALL WOMEN OF WINDSOR ARE BRAINIACS!                Proverbs 14:1


ALL WOMEN OF WINDSOR ARE BOLD!                     Matthew 15:21-28                                                   


ALL WOMEN OF WINDSOR ARE BEAUTIFUL!    Genesis 1:27; 12:10-20                                                    


ALL WOMEN OF WINDSOR ARE BEHAVED!                     Titus 2:3-5                                                    


ALL WOMEN OF WINDSOR ARE _______________________!

                    The Gospel according to?


The world is going to be a better place because of the women and mothers!  Men and fathers are an equal, if not more critical piece to this equation.  But, today is for the ladies!  Our day is coming next month!  Honor the women and mothers in your life and remind them of their God-given status:  believer, blessed, brains, bold, beautiful, behaved, and . . . well . . .  you know!

Have a blessed Mother’s Day!!! 

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