Part Two


“Church hurt” tends to have a special sting (for some) because they believe, think or sense that The Lord is involved somewhere and somehow in the hurt process. Additionally, since The Church is the Body of Christ, persons expect the persons in the Church to act like Christ at all times.  After all, the Church is the Bride of God, The Father, so you would expect the Bride NOT to hurt you!

Needless to say, unfortunately, that is an unrealistic expectation.  Also, people, no matter how holy they may be, are imperfect.  Everyone has some level of imperfection.  As a result,  imperfect people will commit imperfect deeds and make imperfect statements.  So, folk get hurt. Then, to make matters worse: the persons who are hurt position themselves – intentionally or unintentionally – to hurt other people.  Ouch!

The questions become: 1)  What happens when Church hurt occurs?  2) Is Church hurt a part of the culture of the Church?  3) Is Church hurt tolerated, accepted or encouraged by the Church leadership (assuming the leadership is informed)?  4) How can Church hurt be addressed?

Today, Church Hurt – Part Two highlights four (4) practical steps for how an individual can process Church hurt.

KNOW: GOD DID NOT DO IT!              Romans 3:23; Numbers 23:19          
  1. People did it, not God!  God did not do “whatever” it is that hurt you.
  2. God does not abuse, misuse or abandon you!
  3. God values both you and the gifts He gave you!
PRAY!                                                               Colossians 3:12, 13; Psalm 51:1, 2; 5:12
  1. Pray: Lord, I forgive them.
  2. Pray: Lord, flush me!
  3. Pray: Lord, favor my Church!
SEEK GODLY COUNSEL.                          Proverbs 19:20
    1. Get perspectives from persons who love The Lord and His Church.
    2. Talk to persons who are “equally yoked”with you about the hurt.
    3. What do we gain by gossiping about the incident(s) of hurt?
    4. You cannot expect a Godly outcome if you are engaged in an ungodly process.
TALK TO THE OFFENDER(S).                Matthew 18:15; Psalm 18:2
    1. Sometimes, it is not what you say but how you say it.
    2. Do not assume they know you are hurt.
    3. When you tell them about your hurt, and they blow you off, God has a remedy for that! Do your part and trust The Lord to do His part.
    4. Get PAST your PRESENT, so you can enter your God-given FUTURE.
DO NOT ABANDON GOD!                         Psalm 23:6b; Hebrews 10:25                                  
  1. God is love!
  2. Why would you abandon The One Who is Love?
  3. God provides power, protection and provision!
  4. Why would you abandon The One Who provides power, protection and provision?
  5. The Church is the ONLY organism that bears His Name!


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