Numbers 6:23-24


Numbers 6:23, 24 is a well-known priestly blessing.  This blessing was spoken by God through Aaron while the Israelites were in the wilderness.  This particular blessing is unique because it contains the very words of God.  While we must not turn this invocation into an incantation, we must also not underestimate the prophetic powers of these words either.

The centerpiece of the priestly blessing is the Hebrew word “barak.”   Barak has six (6) basic meanings: 1) to salute; 2) to kneel down; 3) to kiss on the mouth; 4) to speak words of excellence; 5) to make peace; and 6) to cause to prosper.  Time will not allow us to explore all six meanings today.  Nonetheless, we declare: all six “subblessings” will overtake you and manifest themselves in your private and public life!  Deuteronomy 28:2; Job 22:28

  1. The genesis of the military salute is debatable, but one theory suggests it originated with knights who raised their visors.
  2. The raising of the visor was a medieval way of showing friendly intent by showing your face.
  3. Similarly, God raises His visor, so to speak, to show Himself friendly or speak. The Lord turns His face towards us.
  4. Our peace, or shalom, is found in His posture towards us!
  5. Raising one’s visor reveals identity.  In society, subordinates salute superiors. In the Kingdom, God flips it!

Bottom line: to receive this blessing, you must raise your visor too!  The Lord won’t bless who you pretend to be!

#May The Lord bless you as you raise your visor to Him today!

  1. If you want to bless little children, you have to get on their level. That’s what God did in Bethlehem!
  2. The Most High God became the Most Nigh God by becoming Immanuel, God with us.
  3. God doesn’t just pronounce hygienic blessings. He “gets dirty.”  The Lord touches lepers; eats with sinners; and celebrates Samaritans.

Bottom line: to make certain you receive this blessing, God kneels down to your level.

#May The Lord kneel down to your level today!

  1. True love and pure power are hard to find and even harder to trust.
  2. For the record, Jesus was betrayed by a kiss.
  3. You may not forget the betrayals, but with God’s help, you can turn the page.
  4. God’s kiss may not erase the memory, but His blessing is bestowed with a fatherly affection that forgives all.
  5. The original language for kiss hints at mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  6. His blessing is our second chance, our second wind.

Bottom line:  the kiss represents a profound infusion of God’s presence in your life.

#May The Lord kiss you real good today!

    1. The fourth meaning of the Hebrew word barak is: “to speak words of excellence about.”
    2. As followers of Christ, we assume the mantle of the First Testament priests who administered this blessing. I Peter 2:9
    3. Your words carry weight.  Your words can also rewrite a narrative, a person’s future. Mark 14:9; Proverbs 8:9
    4. The enemy of your soul is called the father of lies and the accuser of the brethren.   John 8:44; Revelation 12:10
    5. Your words have incredible capacity!   You can overcome the enemy with your testimony (your wordsmith)!  Revelation 12:11

Bottom line: When you declare this blessing over someone, you are bestowing God’s words of excellence upon them!

#May you bless someone with The Lord’s words of excellence today!

Source:  Double Blessing by Mark Batterson

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