In recognition of Father’s Day, this weekend, we hosted a conversation with three (3) champions: Zina Garrison, Rodney McCray, and Ricky Sanders. The goal of this informal discussion is for fathers to be enlightened and encouraged as ‘Champion Fathers.’  These are the takeaways:

1. ‘Championship fathers’ know The Almighty Father and show their families how to keep and practice the Christian faith. ~ Hebrews 11

2. ‘Championship fathers’ know there is no substitute for hard work while encouraging their children to develop their God-given talents. ~ Colossians

3. 23 3. ‘Championship fathers’ understand and practice the importance of accountability. They allow themselves to be held accountable, and they hold others accountable as well. ~ Proverbs 27.17

4. ‘Championship fathers’ practice and promote financial integrity, beginning with tithing. ~ Matthew 25.14- 30

5. ‘Championship fathers’ think inter-generationally and readily pour their wisdom into the next generation. ~ Psalm 22.30

6. ‘Championship fathers’ love what they do! ~ I Corinthians 16.14

7. ‘Championship fathers’ train to win! ~ I Corinthians 9.24


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