Deuteronomy 33:11-16; Galatians 3:29


Some people will morph into many persons before they become the person God has already created them to be!

Every believer has been blessed with an “X Factor.”  Every believer has an “X Factor” because God, Godself, is the Ultimate “X Factor.”  So, since we are created in God’s Image, we have an “X  Factor” as well.  God created us that way!  When we become “born again,” or redeemed by the blood of The Lamb, we are able to discover God’s initial purpose for our lives.  That discovery process includes knowing and employing your God-given X Factor.

The X Factor, for instance, is:

  • the eminence of a person which you cannot put your finger on;
  • a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome; and
  • an excellence that cannot be described which makes someone very unique.
II. AFFIRM YOUR X “FACTORSHIP.”                                     
  1. “I have an X Factor because I have God-given eminence that my enemies cannot touch!”
  2. “I have an X Factor because I am empowered to make a significant Kingdom impact!”
  3. “I have an X Factor because I have a God-given, undeniable uniqueness!”
III. ACCEPT YOUR X FACTOR!   Deuteronomy 33:11
  1. Moses spoke a blessing over the Levites, which changed both the people and the community.
  2. Moses asked God to bless the skills of the Levites.
  3. Ask God to bless your skills daily.
  4. Oftentimes, we keep “spiritual stuff” in a box. This blessing releases God’s X Factor upon ALL the community – secular and spiritual.
IV. ACCELERATE YOUR X FACTOR.       Deuteronomy 33:16

A. Moses flipped his favor factor to Joseph.  Moses realized the favor was not his to keep.

B. Moses experienced God’s favor at the bush.

C. “Bush favor” included transforming Moses from:

  1. being a stammerer to a talker;
  2. “wisdomlessness” to wisdom;
  3. being a leader of sheep to a leader of people;
  4. being fearful to courageous;
  5. holding a rod to holding a snake;
  6. being covered by the Red Sea to walking on its dry bed;
  7. being hungry to receiving daily manna from heaven.
  1. God is FOR … Creation…. Your Past…. God, The Father

Genesis 1:26-28

  1. God is WITH… Redemption…. Your Present…. God, The Son

Matthew 1:22, 23

  1. God is IN… Sanctification….Your Future…. God, The Holy Spirit

Exodus 31:3; 2 Corinthians 3:3

Source: Double Blessing by Mark Batterson

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