Matthew 14:22-23


Today’s sermon notes are a “for the eyes only” representation of what your soul and spirit will experience during the message.   Today’s notes will not “track” the message, per se.  Instead, the notes will provide a framework of the sermon.

Hopefully, the combination of the written notes and the experiential message will instruct and inspire you to put your big girl/boy pants on and walk on the elements of life.

In this relatively familiar passage, Jesus invites Peter to walk on water in spite of both his little faith (v. 31) and the darkness of the hour (v. 25).  Amazingly and confidently, Jesus is still inviting and encouraging His followers to put their big boy and girl pants on and walk on water!  After all, The Lord is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  (Hebrews 13:8)

Further, in times like these, we need all current and potential water walkers to start walking on the elements that were intended to sink us!  The Lord is able!  Are you willing?

  1. God, The Son, Jesus Christ, has mastery over chaotic forces. Psalm 107:29; Isaiah 43:16; and Matthew 14:29, 32
  2. Jesus’ mastery of the forces frightened His followers.  (Matthew 14:26)Kindly read that sentence again.  When Jesus’ own followers saw Jesus exercise the authority His Father gave Him, they were frightened.  Think about that.
  3. The waves of the sea represented chaos. Contrary winds symbolized the power of demonic destruction.  Jesus put ALL that under His feet.  Matthew 14:26
  4. This passage should not be confused with the passage of Jesus being asleep on a pillow in a storm: 1) In the other passage, there is a storm; in this passage, there is no storm.  2) In the other passage, Jesus was with the disciples in the boat during the storm; in this passage, Jesus is walking on the water and enters the boat after the storm is over. 3) In the other passage, the disciples are frightened by the storm; in this passage, the disciples are frightened by Jesus’ Deity.  4) In the other passage, Jesus speaks to the storm; in this passage, Peter has to put his big boy pants on!
  5. A “little faith” is sufficient to both move a mountain and walk on water!  Matthew 17:20; 14:29
III. THE STRUCTURE OF THE SERMON                                                                                                                                                            
  1. Pants
  2. Miracles  (vv. 26–32)
  3. Separation  (vv. 22, 23)
  4. Aloneness  (v. 23)
  5. Trouble (vv. 24, 25)
  6. “I AM!”   (vv. 26, 27)
  7. “Come!” (v. 29)
  8. Wind  (v. 30)
  9. Sink     (v. 30)
  10. Faith     (v. 31)
  11. Worship  (v. 33)


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