The Black History 2024 Experience will provide an ENRICHING & EDUCATIONAL opportunity for our Church Family and community as well as encourage our children and youth to become “ACHIEVERS” and to complete the good works for which they were created (Ephesians 2:10).  The Comfort and Care Team and the Family Ministries are collaborating to accomplish this objective during the month of February.
Every Sunday in February we are wearing African attire or Black History colors: black, red, green and/or yellow

February 18

  • African American Achievers in Houston
  • Mental Health Symposium (Menninger) – The event has has been postponed.

February 25

  • African American Achievers in The Windsor Village Church Family
  • Family Food Tasting – The Windsor Village Ministries with the leadership of the Mature Adults
    • How did the food become a part of our culture?
Do you know someone from your family who has made history? Send a picture of them and their bio to info@wvumc.com.

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