We will be collecting books until April 20th. Bring your donations to any of the brown bins at the entrance of The KBC.

  • Books filled with small, dense print that might be too intimidating or unfitting for the age level
  • Books with lots of slang, which my be difficult for English learners to follow
  • Books for young children that have many references to appliances and electronic gadgets
  • Books written in any language besides English
  • Adult paperback romance novels
  • Books that are heavily focused on United States or Canadian history or government
  • Books about North American or religious holidays
  • Anything that evangelizes or promote religion
  • Magazines except for children’s educational magazines and National Geographic less than five years old


  • Mix of children’s fiction, books with universal themes (friendship, animals, love)
  • Children’s non-fiction – scientific books for students, reference materials like dictionaries
  • Children’s books teaching life skills about topics such as health, hygiene, adolescents and careers
  • Books about Africa or African-Americans
  • Children’s books with diverse characters

The book drive is supporting the “AFRICAN LIBRARY PROJECT”

A non-profit organization that has raised over 4 million books for countries in Africa.



Need more information | email rwarren@wvumc.com 

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