“Shelter in Place!”

Psalm 46


Natural disasters seem to be commonplace in this country and around the world.  We’ve seen tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, typhoons, floods, and earthquakes, destroying communities, property, and people.  One of the most recent examples of this destruction was the tornado in Nashville on March 4.  Twenty-four people died as a series of devastating tornadoes ripped through the Nashville and surrounding area.  The images of the carnage, including flattened homes, tossed airplanes, and downed powerlines, were unbelievably horrific.

Now, we have the Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak.  This world pandemic has taken the world by storm.  In the United States alone, there are more than 104,180 cases reported, 1,706 deaths, and 50 states, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Social distancing, self-quarantines, curfews, building, school, and church closures have all been implemented to reduce the exposure.  The rate at which the disease has been spread has caught us by surprise and unprepared, but this HAS NOT caught God by surprise!

One of the residual effects or blessings (depending on your perspective) of this pandemic is that families have been forced to Shelter in Place!  The “business of busyness” has brought life as we are customarily living it out to a halt!  Families have had to stop, slow down, and be still!  This is unprecedented around the world.  Fear is running rampant, and when we face dangers that arise that threaten our health, safety, and welfare, have the natural inclination to want to flee!  Tonight’s Victory Wednesday focuses on the spiritual and practical blessings of what happens when we learn to “Shelter in Place!”

II. STRENGTH!         v.1
    1. God is our strength!
    2. We can find joy in God’s strength!                   Nehemiah 8:10
III. STREAMS!          v. 4
    1. God provides in calm and confusion!                                   Genesis 2:10-14
    2. Let the Word irrigate your spirit!                                                John 7:38-39
IV. SAFETY!                v. 5
    1. Be like a baby bird!                                    Psalm 91:1-6
    2. Keep God amid your situation!                          Matthew 18:20; Psalm 22:3
V. STILLNESS          v. 10
  1. Stillness is a spiritual discipline!
  2. Shalom is on the way!                                                               Mark 4:39

As we near the Passover season, we are reminded of the Exodus narrative of how the death angel passed over those who had the blood on the doorposts!  This was an act of obedience for those who chose to Shelter in Place!  Yes, life’s challenges are real!  However, our assurance as Believers is that we have blessed assurance!  Our assurance is that God is our safe place!  We can run to Him!  He’s available 24/7/365!  You never have to be concerned about over crowdedness in God’s shelter!  There’s plenty of room!  During this temporary season of disruptions that are occurring in our lives, Shelter in Place but know that shelter is in found in God through Christ Jesus!

Presenter:   Pastor Mark C. Grafenreed                                                                                     April 1, 2020


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