Isaiah 1:2-20


America has experienced two government shutdowns in as many years under the current administration!  If the unprecedented, 35-day shutdown were not enough, the POTUS has declared a national emergency!  Why???  To build a wall!  Why???  Because America is blinded by its own sin!  Indeed, there is an emergency in our country, and the wall is the latest manifestation of sin!!!  As poverty rises, health care is being slashed, homelessness proliferates, racism escalates, and education falters (just to name a few), millions of Americans continue to “get played” like pawns by petty, partisan politicians in a losing game of chess.  What we’re witnessing is precisely why Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had grave concerns about “Why American May Go to Hell!”

What if God declared a Heavenly emergency or decided to shut down the Kingdom?  What would you do?  How would you respond?  Where would you go?  Today’s sermon is not a cautionary tale.  Rather, it is a real warning to us all while offering reasons why we cannot risk a Kingdom shutdown!  It also shares the hope of a Kingdom strategic and winning plan to counterattack the forces of evil!  The current administration has declared a national emergency.  But, it’s time for real Christians to declare a Kingdom Emergency in Jesus’ Name!!

  1. The shutdown cost at least $11B!
  2. There were more than 800,000 furloughed government employees!
  3. There’s a national emergency over a $5.7B border wall!
  4. Will a wall bring salvation and praise?                        Isaiah 60:18
  1. We gave satan our “Eden Kingdom keys.”                Genesis 3:22-24
  2. God desires relationship, not religiosity.                   13-17; Jeremiah 14:14-16; 23:21-27
  1. You do not want God to refuse your appointments! 13; Leviticus 23:1-2
  2. We can’t afford God’s silence!                                       1 Samuel 3:1
  1. Refusing to use her vast resources of wealth to end poverty.
  2. Failing to make it possible for all of God’s children to have basic life necessities.
  3. Rejecting those in need of economic security.
  4. Failing to answer her indictment.
  1. Employ a Jericho wall strategy!                Joshua 6:1-27
    1. Walk in God’s power!
    2. Work with God’s priests!
    3. Welcome God’s presence!
    4. Worship God & praise!
    5. Watch God pummel!
  2. Jesus is our wrecking ball!                         Ephesians 2:14-16
  3. Healing the land is in our hands!             2 Chronicles 7:12-15

We are (and have been) in a state of emergency!  True followers of Jesus Christ can no longer be “silent sideline saints.”  We must learn to love what God loves and hate what God hates!!  As Kingdom citizens, we have the authority to declare an end to this national emergency (real or perceived)!  We must continue to be God’s “watchmen (and watchwomen) on the wall” concerning these and other matters!  We must continue to pray for all those in authority over us so that we can live quiet and peaceful lives marked by godliness and reverence.  This is God’s will for us!  Yes, that means we must continuously keep all leaders in our prayers!  This is not optional!  This is not aspirational!  Too much is at stake!  God is with us!

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