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Where is Jesus?

by Irv White

I went looking for Jesus the other day. As I was driving down the street, I thought I caught a glimpse of Him standing on the corner. I immediately turned around to make sure I had not missed Him. Turns out, it was just a bum standing on the corner begging for money; I moved on. By the way, he looked a little too well dressed to be homeless.  I like to save my pocket change for folk who look like they need it.

A few minutes later I drove up next to a white bus filled with people. One of the passengers sure did look like Jesus. But when the bus turned into the entrance to the prison I knew that I was mistaken.  My Lord and Savior was not on a prison bus.

My search for Jesus ended up taking me across town. I hate rush hour traffic in Houston, especially around the Medical Center.  While I was impatiently inching my way through the congestion in front of Methodist Hospital, at least 7 men and women forced me to do a double take because they resembled the Messiah.  SIlly me.  Jesus would not be hanging around the medical center at such a busy time.

I had just about navigated the congestion when one of our church members flagged me down and asked me for a ride. Don’t you hate it when people think it is okay to ask you to go out of your way, especially when you are in a hurry? I politely explained to her that I was looking for Jesus and did not have time to double back.  I think she understood.

I drove all over town that day.  I searched high and low and did not see the Jesus I was looking for. Sometimes I wonder if He has days He doesn’t want to be bothered.

Here’s the point.  The Bible says that the hope of glory is Christ in us (Colossians 1:27). If we say we love Jesus and we want to do the things that Jesus did then we have to be willing to show up in the places Jesus hung out.  The hungry, naked, thirsty, sick and imprisoned people of Jesus’ day had no trouble finding Him.

If Jesus is really in you, then only you, led by the power of the Holy Spirit, can take him to the places He needs to be found.  I encourage you to read Matthew 25:31-44 and adjust accordingly.

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