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What Has Happened to Integrity?

Integrity is the very character of God, and since we are created in His likeness our lives should consistently demonstrate integrity.  When a Christian’s character demonstrates integrity he/she will be loyal, truthful, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, helpful and honest.  Being who we say we are in our everyday lifestyles prevents believer’s character from demonstrating the antonym of integrity which is dishonesty, lying, unfaithfulness or duplicity.  Honesty says this is God’s way and integrity says I will diligently or consistently walk His way.  When faced with a difficult situation do you consistently choose to do what you know God prefers you to do, or do you justify or make excuses for your behavior?

How many Christians do you know, whose lifestyles genuinely or authentically demonstrate integrity?  If someone who knows you well described your character, would integrity be one of your top three traits they would list?

Jeanette Allen

Psalm 25:1-22


  • Mrs. Allen teaches Lifestyles That Honor God: The Woman Series Sunday at 10:00am Room 2115.
  • A co-ed class Mondays at noon in College Hangtime, Lifestyles That Honor God: The Wisdom Series. The last day for this six week study is November 19th.

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  1. Irv White says:

    Wow! Sister Allen has posed a great question about whether or not our friends think we have integrity.

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