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Sermon Notes: Hope! (Oct. 7th)


Hope !

Romans. 4. 16 – 21

I. Introduction
Last weekend , we , collectively , declared ( Job 28 . 22 ) that the Windsor Village Family is living in a system of ‘ signs and wonders ‘ ( Acts 2 .22 ;
4 . 30 ) ! Accordingly , by the grace of God , numerous members have already
begun to experience miracles. Already ! Glory to God ! God’s Promise Plus
Your Faith Equals A Miracle
In today’s Scriptural passage , God honored one hundred year old Abraham ‘s faith in God’s promise by producing a miracle , a son . Interestingly , God honored Abraham ‘s faith in spite of the fact that his faith had been flawed – at best.
When Abraham chose to invest his hope in God’s promise in spite of his physiology , psychology and philosophy , God miraculously produced His promise , a sign and a wonder of God’ s grace : Issac ! Now , it’s our turn for us to receive what God has promised us !
II. The Physiology Of Deadness v. 19
A. Abraham and Sarah were incapable of having a child . …p
B. Abraham could ‘ visit ‘ Sarah but only God beget .
C. Abraham could not grant Sarah anything ; and Sarah could not produce anything.
D. Your ending can be God’s beginning !
III. The Psychology of Disappointment v. 16
A. Twenty – five years separated the promise and the production of the promise to Abram .
B. In the meantime , develop am enduring dependence upon God ‘s promise .
C. Fight the spirit of disappointment with the spirit of God’s promise :
  1. Declare a thing and it shall be established for you ! Job 22 . 28
  2. God is ready to perform His Word ! Jeremiah. 1. 12
  3. Expect God’s Word to become flesh and dwell in you ! John 1. 14
  4. Let it be unto me according to God’s Word ! Luke. 1. 38
IV. The Philosophy Of ‘ Deadlinesness ‘ v. 20
A. When God promised Abraham a child , God did NOT offer a timeline !
B. Just because there is no timeline does not mean the promise diminishes
in value over time .
C. The more time elapses , the closer you get to the performance of the promise ! So , be in courage !
V. The Power Of Determination. vv. 18 , 21 ; Genesis 21. 1-3
A. The sheer vertical sovereignty of God produced the promised miracle for Abraham and Sarah .
B. Your hope in God ‘s promise must be greater than your hope in any other
‘ promise ‘ from anything or anybody else .
C. God specializes in exhibitions , not explanations .
D. Keep your hope in the promises of God , The Promise Keeper ! When you do , you can hope in spite of a ( seemingly ) hopeless situation.

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