Spiritual Growth and Development Team

The Spiritual Growth and Development Team assists with the development and maintenance of healthy, productive Christian families through Bible Study and ministry programming.   For more information, see the table below:

For families experiencing life transitions (Divorce, Separation, Death, Loss, Trauma, Depression, etc.), contact the Caring and Coaching Team at 713-726-2597.

Area of Ministry Contact Number
Singles Ministry Chilond Bady 713-726-2612
Pre-Marital/Married Couples Tara Thompson 713-726-2611
Men's Ministry Tara Thompson 713-726-2611
Women's Ministry
Charissa Scott 713-726-2614
Outbreak Youth Ministry Latoya Ashley 713-726-2620
Children's Ministry Terrie Wright 713-726-2530
Incite Charissa Scott 713-726-2614