Kingdom Alliance Men

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Monthly Business Meeting  1ST Monday   of each month 6:30pm, KBC room 2252
Pastoral Armor bearers   1st Thursday of each month  KBC Room 2112
Worshipping Warriors  Rehearsal  Tuesdays 7:00 pm The Green Room
Boy’s Rites of Passage Mentoring  Activities 2nd and 4th  Saturday , 8am – 1pm room 2112 
Keeping It Real for Men Thursdays  7:30pm  Room 2252
Men’s Basketball @ KBC  Tuesday and Thursdays  9pm KBC Gym


Ministry Mission Statement:

The Kingdom Alliance Men’s Ministry of Windsor Village UMC shall be a 21st Century that will address the needs of men within the church and the community. Windsor Village UMC will experience increase in its men who demonstrate their love for Christ through their lifestyle, their family and their community.

The Kingdom Alliance Men’s Ministry focuses on five components of discipleship: FAITH, FAMILY, FINANCE, FELLOWSHIP, and FITNESS.

The Kingdom Alliance Men’s Ministry shall be a ministry that is available to all men within the church and the community. The Kingdom Alliance Men’s Ministry shall strive to guide men to fulfill their unique potential as disciples of Jesus Christ by developing and implementing activities that engage and encourage spiritual development of self and services to others.

The Men’ Ministry shall support the whole man through wholesome fun fellowship activities that advance emotional and physical wellness.

Vision Statement:

Our mission is to mentor, minister, and motivate men to become disciples of Jesus Christ through Faith Family, Finance and  Fitness.


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 Contact Information: Thurman Hicks, 713-726-2595 email and Tara Thompson 713-726-2611 email