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Making Peace With Your Past

“Making Peace with Your Past will help you unlock those buried feelings from the past and experience healing and forgiveness in your future. To connect complete the form below.

When People Are Big And God is Small

Do you have a hard time saying no to things that you don’t want to do?  Do you feel you have to be someone else because people won’t like you for who you are?To connect complete the form below.

New Beginnings - Grief Recovery Group

An 8-week growth group will provide emotional, spiritual and relational support to persons that have experienced the death of a loved one.  It will teach the you the ways to process your grief.To connect complete the form below.

Boundaries: How To Create And Maintain Them

What are Boundaries?  What do boundaries contain?  Understanding boundaries will help you with discerning true self vs. false self, and developing the desired self.To connect complete the form below.

Sex Traps

This is a 12-week study growth group that will provide you with God-given answers about sex.  This group is open to singles 21 years of age and older and all married couples.To connect complete the form below.

Keeping It Real For Men (KIRM)

A growth group offered to the men of WVUMC, and the community that offers a safe place for men to emote, trust, and learn how to develop healthy relationships.To connect complete the form below.

Marriage: Kingdom Style

This growth group is designed for couples who want to learn how to resolve their marital conflicts, and communicate to the point of resolution.To connect complete the form below.